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Why Pattaya Attracts Millions of Tourists Every Year?​

Pattaya is a widely popular city of Thailand known for its beautiful beaches, nightlife, shopping, club, and numerous other things. Due to various other reasons, this city becomes a hub to enjoy along with your loved ones in a great atmosphere. The city is full of charm and adventurous things which will surely allow you to make your trip memorable. The town is popular for its excellent offerings as a tourist location all over the world. This is the reason why more than 10 million people are coming here every year for more than ten years. The reasons are various. However, the primary reason is its versatile culture.

So, whether you love partying, beaches, or clubbing, this city is suitable for you. But, if you love spiritual places, trekking, and other adventurous things, you will find lots of temples, mountains, and other exciting things here. So, when it comes to booking your Pattaya tour package, you are going to get information about each of these activities so that you can choose your desired ones properly. Let’s know about various other things which are contributing to Pattaya’s continuously increasing reputation as an excellent tourist location.

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10 Main Things That Make Pattaya a World Popular Tourist Location

Pattaya has a thrilling nightlife

Most of the markets, clubs, and malls are at their fullest during the nights. So, as the sun sets, you may go out and experience the crazy nightlife of the city. Thousands of bars, clubs, and restaurants are there, which will offer you a great atmosphere to spend your nights in booming areas. So, whether you love to dance in clubs while enjoying your drinks, or you just need to enjoy lights and colours everywhere, Pattaya is going to give you everything during its nights. So, while you book Pattaya tour packages for you, make sure to have proper planning to spend your nights at the most exciting locations of Pattaya.

Pattaya is popular for its walking street

Walking street is another amazing location that attracts lots of people towards it. After 18:00, you will see the traffic getting stopped at this street and people coming out to walk and enjoy its attraction. It is the time when bars, clubs, and restaurants will be opened for the tourists and everyone else. The streets are covered by different types of shops along with colorful lighting. Also, you will hear loud music everywhere, which gives a different touch to this place. The walking street is situated in South Pattaya and opened for everyone. So, if you want to enjoy lots of street performances, dance, shopping, etc., come here in the night and enjoy a lot.

Pattaya’s Floating Market

It is another unique and attractive thing that will surely mesmerize you if you ever visit Pattaya. In this market, you will see more than 114 shops along with water vendors selling different things such as food, art and craft, souvenirs, fruits, clothes, and various other things. So, it becomes important for you to visit this place whenever you come to Pattaya after booking your Pattaya Tour package from Delhi. This market will surely allow you to have a different experience which you may have never seen in your life. This market is situated at Sukhumvit Road Pattaya. You can visit here anytime between 10 AM to 11 PM.

Pattaya has a lot of water parks

Thailand is a country full of different water parks. But, Pattaya has something different to offer to its visitors. You will get a chance to enjoy extensive water parks with different sorts of water rides which will allow you to have maximum fun on your trips. These water parks are great to get rid of excessive heats in summers. Also, if you are with your families here, you must come here to have great fun. Some popular and biggest water parks in Pattaya are Cartoon Network Amazone Water park and Ramayana Water Park. Along with a huge fun in the water, you will be able to enjoy water rides and have amazing food in popular restaurants and hotels.

Magnificent Beaches

Pattaya is full of numerous beaches. It is another biggest reason why this city has lots of travellers coming here every year. So, when it comes to enjoy chilling locations and enjoy water sports, you will find lots of beaches here in this city. While booking your Pattaya tour package from Mumbai, you must take care to cover all the beaches available in this city. Whether you are here with your friends or families, make sure to explore each of the beaches and explore different beauty in different places.

These beaches will surely allow you to have great fun and relax near to nature. Due to these reasons, Pattaya becomes a perfect gateway to get rid of your daily stresses. Some of the most popular beaches in Pattaya are Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, Koh Larn Beach, Bang Saen Beach, Tawaen Beach, Bamboo Beach, etc.

Pattaya has amazing food

Pattaya is known for its amazing food, popular restaurants, and cheap dishes. Whether you prefer vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, you are going to have the best food items here in this city. You will find lots of fast food corners, food carts/stalls, meatball vendors, mobile food sellers, and a lot more. So, when you are in Pattaya, you should also make sure to have most of the popular food items popular in this city. Some more popular Thai food items of Pattaya are Tom Yum Goong (Shrimp Soup), Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad), Pla Pao (Salt-Crusted Grilled Fish), Pad Karpow Moo Saap (Fried Pork and Basil), Khao Pad Gung (Fried Rice with Prawns), etc.

So, whenever you book a Pattaya Tour package from Chennai for you, make sure to create a list of top restaurants in the city to have great food while you are enjoying in this city.

Elephant Trekking

In the elephant village of Pattaya, you will see lots of elephants which are properly cared for by the locals. This village also works as a non-profit community taking care of animals and providing them with enough protection here. So, along with this village’s excellent beauty, you are going to see numerous elephants which are sheltered here by people with proper care. But, the thing that makes this place much more popular is Elephant trekking. Most of the tourists visit this place and enjoy Elephant rides. The elephants will take you through beautiful places on their backs while you are experiencing a unique joy in this beautiful location. This is another major reason why Pattaya is so much popular among tourists all over the world. This magnificent ride will provide you with great joy which you may not get anywhere else in the city. So, when you are finished booking your online Pattaya tour package, make sure to do planning for this trek too.

Lots of adventurous activities to do

Whether you want to enjoy water sport activities, trekking, swimming, or anything else, Pattaya is great to enjoy a lot with your friends and families. Along with this, the city provides a good value of money. So, when it comes to getting the most out of your time and budgets, you are going to have great fun in this location. You can also enjoy tiger shows, zip-lining, water parks, and crocodile parks here. In fact, various expensive water sports activities can easily be done here at easy prices.

Scuba diving, fishing, and boat rides are also available as the city is surrounded by a sea. Lots of people come here only to enjoy these amazing activities. So, this is another reason that contributes to its increasing reputation. You must try to cover all these activities if you are on a Pattaya trip. Also, choose the right offline or online Pattaya tour package from India to get the most out of it.

Lots of shopping opportunities

Pattaya has lots of markets along with its floating market to offer great shopping opportunities to the travelers. But, when it comes to the prices of things and varieties, you are going to see lots of colourful shops all around Pattaya. So, whether you want to buy clothes, art and craft, paintings, souvenir, or other local items, you can easily do it without hassles. Often in the weekends, all the markets are at their fullest, and you may get several discount offers on various things.

People from all over the world enjoy shopping here because things are attractive and mostly crafted with human hands. This is another biggest reasons which makes this city much more popular in Thailand. So, along with booking a good Pattaya online tour package, make sure to have some extra budgets to enjoy shopping here.

Easy to Travel

No strict guidelines are there for the tourists to visit this city. Also, once you get inside, you are going to have cheap and comfortable transportation mediums to reach a new and exciting place anytime you want. Whether you are looking for public transport, taxis, hired cars, or metered taxis, everything is available here. When it comes to flying, you can easily find flights from popular locations such as Thailand, Phuket, and Chiang etc. The nearest airport of Pattaya is situated in U Tapao which is around 50 KM from the main city.

So, if you are looking for a good company to pick the best Pattaya tour packages, do not worry about the transportation inside the city. There are lots of offerings always ready for you. This might be another great reason for its popular because when people get the freedom to visit inside a city, it makes them fall in love with it.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, Pattaya is totally safe for locals and foreign visitors. However, most of the deaths are caused here by motorbike and other road accidents.

You may see lots of fraud artists, thieves here mostly at night. So, when visiting the markets, do not keep costly items with you. Also, do not purchase costly items from unauthorized stores.

Some popular shopping malls are Central Festival Pattaya, Mike Shopping mall, Pattaya avenue, Outlet mall Pattaya, and Central Center Pattaya.

November to February is known as the best time to visit this city. During this time, the weather is calming. Neither it is too hot, nor it is very cold.

Yes, Pattaya has different types of hotels with different pricings plans and offerings. Also, you can choose the right agency to book a good hotel along with a Pattaya tour package.

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