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Dive in to the turquoise water of Maldives and witness the alluring marine life of the Arabian Sea

Dive in to the turquoise water of Maldives and witness the alluring marine life of the Arabian Sea

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Floating with its beauty on the peak in the blue waters of the Arabian Sea, Maldives is a chain of 1200 discrete coral islands that are worth exploring for their breath-taking beauty. Male is the capital of Maldives that is seated at a distance of 645 kilometers southwest of Sri Lanka.

The island is stretched to a length of 820 kilometers in the north-south direction and 600 kilometers in the south-southwest of the mainland of India. These islands are a series of coral atolls that have been originated from the summits of the ancient volcanic ranges that got submerged in history. Most of these islands are low lying and are visible to almost six feet above mean sea level.

One can sight the coconut palms, breadfruit trees and tropical bushes growing in an array along the sandy beaches of these islands. The fishes are caught for seafood and the turtles are caught for their food and oil which is used as traditional medicine. Plan a vacation to this spectacular destination with excellent tour packages for the Maldives for a hassle-free exploration

Best time to visit the Maldives

The best time to visit this beautiful destination is from December to April that is the dry season at this location. One can sunbathe under the bright sun and the calm sea calls for distinct water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. As this is the peak tourist season of Maldives, accommodation, and flights are quite expensive during this time. For the people who are looking to travel in a budget can travel from March to May as the resorts offer attractive packages and offers. This would save them from burning a hole in their pockets.

Places to visit  in the Maldives

Explore the Maldives with utmost thrill as you don’t leave a single spot from exploration. Check out the best tour packages for the Maldives and go on this thrilling vacation.

  • Male: This capital city of the Republic of Maldives is the world’s smallest capital. The colorful buildings and ancient mosques of Male are worth visiting to get acquainted with its lifestyle and culture. From turquoise water on one hand to the heritage buildings on the other, this destination is a must-visit.
  • Island Tour: the Maldives includes several islands that are distinctively known for their alluring beauty. The most renowned commercial islands are Kudahuvadhoo, Gan, Hulhule, Alimantha, and Mirihi. One can commute to these islands via local boats or seaplanes over the cool blue waters of the ocean. The largest island on the Maldives is Gan and the Kudahuvadhoo island is rumored to reside in the remains of the Buddhist temples. For the adventure enthusiasts, Alimantha island is the one to go that offers diving and snorkeling. The nature lovers should visit Mirhi island to witness the exotic reef, local vegetation, and water bungalows.
  • Banana Reef: being the most popular diving site of Maldives, this place is adorned for its oldest reefs, stunning caves, majestic cliffs, powerful overhangs, and beautiful coral growth. This place calls for the adventurers who want to try their hand in diving at these waters which are populated by sharks and Barracudas. One can dive up to a depth of 5 meters in the crystal clear waters to as deep as 30 meters.
  • Artificial Beach: This is the only human-made beach in the Maldives that has a plethora of lounging areas, cafes, and barbecues for the food lovers. Many fun cultural activities are also organized at this place. From spending serene evenings to capturing stunning views of the landscapes here, this place is also well known for the adventure sports it offers at its location.

Activities in the Maldives

Check out the popular activities one can indulge in as they book their tour packages for the Maldives for a vacation.

  • Water sports: The shimmering turquoise waters of Maldives welcomes the people who wish to keep the water above their heads. Many water sports centers have been opened that offer a chance to practice distinct water sports with the help of professionals and advanced equipment.
  • Diving: With the most popular spots for diving like banana Reef, HP Reef, Fish Head, and Maanta point, some of these have made their place in the list of top ten diving sites in the world. The alluring underwater exposure during this sport has bestowed an exceptional experience to many of its visitors.
  • Nightlife: the Maldives is well known to be a hotspot for couples and thus clubbing is something you would find short of at this place. Many hotels have clubs and bars at their premises. Other than this, there are other few nightclubs namely the unique underwater Subsix nightclub and the chic Fifteen Below are a socialites magnet in the land of Maldives.

How to reach the Maldives

One can reach the Maldives by taking a flight to Male International Airport that is well connected to all the major countries in South-East Asia including China, India, and Sri Lanka. Over 30 international flights operate daily some of which include the very famous Qatar Airways, British Airways, and others. So, without any delays, get a great in the budget tour as you book tour packages for the Maldives on great offers.

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