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Indonesia (Bali) Tour Packages

Bali is a very famed land of Indonesia that is known for its extravagant beaches, beautiful temples and scenic rice terraces. It is situated in the west of java in the Lesser Sunda Islands. The elaborate temples offer a sneak peek into the rich culture and tradition of this place. From the past decades, this place has been attracting a lot of leisure and adventure travellers to its place. The natural beauty of the island is enhanced by the world’s best coral reefs and majestic waterfalls nestling here. From being a perfect abode for spiritual awakening to partying hard on its beautiful beaches, Bali is a distinct destination in itself.

Best places to visit:  Kuta Beach, Mount Batur, Ulu Watu, Tanah Lot, Ubud Monkey Forest, Tegallalang and Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Nusa Islands and others.

Best time to visit: April to September

Indonesia Bali: Things to Know Before your Trip

Bali is one of the most popular tourist locations all over the world. Famous for its amazing islands, stunning beaches, rich culture, and remarkable history, it becomes a perfect place for any people with any taste. Bali is full of natural beauty that attracts millions of visitors here from all over the world. You will get a chance to visit magnificent temples and various other things which no other place offers in any other part of the world. So, if you are looking to plan a Bali Tour Package for you, get some more information for your trip.

Which is the best time to visit Bali?

Bali is known for its amazing beaches and various other chilling locations. So, visiting these places between the months of April to October is best for everyone. Although Bali is a great place to visit at any time of the year, it is the time when you will have to face less humidity and rain. On the other hand, if you want to make your trip more affordable, you can plan it in May, June, or October months. By getting in touch with a good tour organizer for your Bali Tour Packages, you are going to get effective information about everything related to your trip. 

Indonesia (Bali) Tours

₹20,192 Tour list image

Bali 4 Nights & 5 Days

0 review(s) 5 days
₹17,999 Tour list image

Romantic Bliss of Bali Holiday Package 4N/5D

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₹17,999 Tour list image

Indonesia Imperial Delights Holiday Package 4N/5D

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₹32,516 Bali Honeymoon Trip 4N/5D

Bali Honeymoon Trip 4N/5D

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₹14,499 ₹17,000 Tour list image

4N/5D Exciting Indonesia Budget Holiday Package

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₹12,256 Tour list image

Best of Bali -3 Nights & 4 Days

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₹12,499 Tour list image
₹9,256 Tour list image

Best of Bali 3 Nights & 4 Days

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Best Places to Visit in Bali

Although Bali itself is an excellent island that can easily be covered within 4 to 6 days, some people may spend a week exploring everything thoroughly. But, if you want to make your trip mesmerizing and memorable for you, below are the best places you should visit on your Bali Trip. In other words, you should add all of them to your list of the location you are going to visit on your Bali Trip. So, let’s start revealing each location one by one.

Nusa Dua Beach

This beach is located on the southern side of Bali’s main areas. It is a great beach that offers excellent beauty and joyful things to do for travelers. It is a white sand beach that is full of natural beauty with excellent views of the sea. You will also find some luxury hotels in Bali where you can book your stays too. But, if you want an escape from your daily stresses away from Bali’s crowded locations, this beach is best for you.

It is widely popular for couples. You can enjoy swimming, parasailing, sunbathing, and surfing here on this beach. So, while booking your Bali tour package from Delhi, make sure to keep these excellent places inside your travel bucket.

Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot is a rocky beach that is always surrounded by splashing waves of the sea. It is a sacred place for Balinese people, and in fact, Pura means Temple in Balinese. This place is mostly full of tourists in the evening times because this is the time when the beach gives you the most out of it. The foreigners are not allowed to enter any of the Balinese temples, but you can go to the beach and enjoy a calming atmosphere with your loved ones. So, while booking your Bali tour package from Mumbai, do not forget to consider this location for your trip.

Mount Batur

You should enjoy one of your sunrises in Bali on this amazing mountain. Although you will have to trek about 1,700 meters to the hill, it is surely worth taking. Well-marked trails along with easy trek routes make it an easy trek for everything. Also, you will be guided by excellent vibes, lots of birds, and the Lake Batur. In other words, whether you are here in Bali for any sort of trip, such as a family trip or honeymoon, make sure to go to Mount Batur once. This location will surely give you a refreshing experience which you will never forget in your life.

People from all over the world visit this mountain while exploring Bali. If you love to do adventurous things, you should know that Mount Batur is popular for volcanoes. 

Ubud Monkey Forest

This amazing forest is located on the north side of Ubud town center. This jungle is a home to different types of monkey species in which long-tailed macaques are dominant. They live in this thick forest of nutmeg and banyan trees. So, if you want to explore this jungle and know more about this sacred place, you must visit this forest. You will find three Hindu temples that were built in the 14th century. So, whether you are choosing any travel firm for your Bali tour packages from Delhi, make sure to consider this location during your trip.

Kuta Beach

This beach is extremely popular in Bali for surfing. So, if you love to surf in the sea or just enjoy some moment swimming in clear water, make sure to visit this beach in Bali. If you a beginner in surfing, you can learn lots of things here. So, if you want to chill near to nature on a soothing beach in Bali, Kuta beach should be your next target. You will also find lots of cafes and restaurants where you can order tasty Seafood for yourself. Also, you can get some snacks and drinks to make your visit much more mesmerizing.

The Sideman Valley

It will take about 90 minutes from Ubud to reach this location. But it is one of the most beautiful locations in Bali. The sideman valley is full of natural beauty with lush green mountains and attractive houses. You will be able to enjoy in popular rice terraces of Bali at this location. You can also enjoy trekking to Mount Agung for which you will have to go through the rice fields. But, it is the best thing that makes this valley much more popular and exciting. So, when you visit this location, you will feel a different natural attraction here. So, while choosing your Bali tour packages from Delhi, make sure to add this place to your trip.

Sekumpul Waterfall

It is another chilling locations to give you a perfect retreat during your free days in Bali. The waterfall is located 66 Kilometers away from Ubud in North direction. You will find seven different waterfalls here at this location. All of them are surrounded by lush green cliffs and shining rocks. You can also enjoy huge treks and hiking trips to explore nearby locations. So, when it comes to having fun near to nature, you can have great fun in this natural place. Due to its calming atmosphere, it becomes a perfect place to visit along with your friends and families. So, while choosing any of the available online Bali tour packages, check for the popular tourist attractions and add this waterfall to your trip.

Waterbom Bali

Are you finding a water-park in Bali? Well, Waterbom Bali is the perfect place to enjoy various sorts of water sports activities with your loved ones. You will get a chance to enjoy various water rides, which are named impressively. You can ride in Super bowl, Green viper, python, and various other water ride at this water park. Due to these reasons, it becomes the best place to come along with your kids. Not only kids, everyone is going to enjoy at this amazing location. So, when you want an escape from the heat and humidity of Bali, you must come to this location and spend some hours without worries. 

Uluwatu Temple

It is another one of the famous temples situated in Bali. The temple is located on a clifftop, which gives an excellent view of the sea. If you want to experience the most out of this location, you must go there to enjoy a sunset. A sunset will surely allow you to get rid of your stresses at this amazing location. The temple was built in the 10th century, which makes it much more special. If you are an architecture lover, you shouldn’t forget to see its magnificent glory. So, when you book a Bali tour package, this amazing temple must be on your list of trips.

Our Latest Blog

Five Best Things to do in Bali

Above were the best things you should do in Bali while you are exploring this place. But, Bali is popular for some special activities which are a must to do if you are here. Along with parasailing, river rafting, trekking, camping, Yoga, etc., Bali has a lot to offer to you. So, let’s uncover the top 5 things you should do on your Bali trip.

Enjoy Jetpack ride at Tunjung Benoa

It is one of the most exciting things you can experience in Bali. At Tunjung Benoa, you can enjoy riding on a Jetpack, which can take you 10 to 20 meters in the air just by using the pressured water. Under a safe environment and with the help of experts, you will be able to enjoy this ride. So, make sure to do this thing on your Bali Trip. You will like it if for sure.

Do snorkeling in Amed

In Amed, you get a chance to explore the hidden worlds in the sea with amazing snorkeling activities. The water is clear in Amed, and the prices for snorkeling are affordable as compared to the other locations in Bali. So, if you really want to enjoy this exciting activity, Bali is the best place to do so. You can book these activities along with your trip while booking the online Bali tour packages for you.

Do not forget to explore the culture

When it comes to living, Bali is one of the most calming locations you will ever find all over the world. But, this place is also popular for its rich culture. So, to explore it properly, make sure to visit small villages and other popular places such as museums and markets. Along with jewelry, ceramics, art, and craft, you are going to see numerous other excellent things which will let you’re mesmerized by its beauty.

Enjoy Bali’s unmatched Seafood

If you are a seafood lover, you are going to have a different experience in Bali. You can have different seafood dishes here, such as lobster, octopus, shellfish, prawn, fish, etc. Also, the restaurants in Bali uses amazing recipes to give this food a different taste, which will be found only here. So, if you are a non-vegetarian, do not forget to enjoy the tasty seafood dishes in Bali.

Do water rafting in Ayung River.

Being one of the most popular rivers of Bali, Ayung river offers you excellent opportunities to enjoy thrilling river-rafting activities. The rapid fast water of this river will take you through different breath-taking locations. So, with your friends and family members, make sure to book this activity. You can do this by choosing a good online Bali tour package company to book river rafting tickets along.

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