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Destination: Ladakh

Ladakh is a very famous destination among the nature and adventure lovers. The superabundant land of gorgeous landscapes, diverse culture and amazing people makes any vacation a memorable one. This beautiful place is bounded by the world’s two mightiest mountain ranges named as the great Himalaya and the Karakorum. The popular locations that need utmost exploration include beautiful and religious Gompas, snow covered landscapes and hiking trails. The fact that one can suffer from sunstroke and frostbite at the same time holds true in Ladakh and Book Ladhak Tour Packages. The local food is also a must try where one can feast on the native dishes like thukpa, noodle soup and others. One should get acquainted with the permits required to enter certain parts of Ladakh for an uninterrupted exploration.

Best places to visit: Pangong Lake, Magnetic Hill, Leh Palace, Chadar trek, Zanskar Valley, Tso Moriri and others.

Best time to visit: April to June

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15 best things you should do on your Ladakh trip

Ladakh is popular worldwide for its excellent atmosphere, thrilling locations, monasteries, and various other things. The roads of Ladakh gives it the next-level advantages as an adventurous location. Various world popular road passes are there to give you a great experience. As compared to any other popular hill station in India, Ladakh has a different charm and an excellent vibe, which attracts lots of travelers. So, if you are also planning a Ladakh trip and about to book a Ladakh Tour Package, read this article to make sure you get the most out of your trip. 

Here, we are going to discuss 20 amazing things which you should never forget to do when you on your Ladakh trip. You will find hundreds of things to enjoy here, but these 20 are highly recommended by most of the Ladakh travelers. So, we are here to give you a detailed list of these things. Let’s uncover each of them one by one.

Khardungla Pass [Eat at highest Cafeteria in the world]

If you are in Ladakh and booked ladhak tour packages from Chetan Dream Sky, you have got a chance to visit the highest Cafeteria in the world. Known as a the popular ‘Maggi Point’, you can enjoy instant noodles here which will surely make you feel refreshed. Khardungla Pass is one of the highest motorable passes in the world, which makes this Cafeteria a great place to see on your Ladakh trip.

Hemis Monastery [An excellent place to enjoy your mornings]

Hemis Monastery is one of the most popular monasteries in Ladakh. It becomes special in the mornings, where the prayers are offered to God. Although you are free to visit here anytime, the morning time is great to get a different feeling or freshness along with the Buddhist monks. So, when you have finalized one of the best Ladakh tour packages for you, add this location on your list for sure.

Enjoy a bike ride on rocky terrains.

It is great to visit Ladakh on a motorbike. If you visit this location, you will see most of the tourists riding on their motorcycles. But, do not worry if you are here without a motorbike. You can hire one and explore the thrilling roads of Ladakh on two vehicles. It is said that a Ladakh trip is incomplete if you didn’t ride a bike on excellent rocky roads here. Along with Khardungla-la-pass and various other passes, you will be able to see lots of exciting roads that will take you near to the sky with each mile passing.

Visit Zanskar Valley [A place for adventure lovers]

You will see cave monasteries here. Along with this, you can enjoy breath-taking views of mountains for which this place is popular. If you love trekking, this place should be your first target. The best time to visit this valley is from July to September months every year. Do not forget to enjoy river rafting if you are in the Zanskar valley.

Magnetic Hill

It is known as the anti-gravity hill, and you may have heard of it before. So, if you are in Ladakh, you will have to go there for sure. The distance of this hill from Leh is 30 km. Just park your vehicle here and see it going in the upward direction. This mysterious hill makes lots of people amazed because of its anti-gravity property. You will also hear lots of stories about this hill if you ask about it from the locals.

Chadar Trek [Perfect for trekkers]

If you want to walk of frozen ice while trekking through excellent hills, make sure to do Chadar trek. Ladakh is popular for this trekking trip, and you will see lots of people doing it. Located at a place known as Chadar, you will see frozen lakes and various other fascinating things there. However, the best time to do this trek is the month of December every year. So, whenever you pick a good Ladakh tour package from Delhi for you, make sure to plan by adding this trek into your list.

Enjoy local food

You will be able to enjoy several Chinese dishes in Ladakh. Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you will surely love amazing food served at the local restaurants. Try Thukpa, Skyu, Momos, Tsampa, and various other amazing dishes here. Along with the Chinese dishes, you will find Indian, Tibetan, and Korean dishes in Leh and Ladakh. Fast foods are highly popular, which you should never forget to taste. 

Explore Nubra valley

Nubra valley is highly popular for its mesmerizing beauty and excellent hilly areas. You will see various excellent sceneries which will enable you to make your trip successful. Lots of monasteries are situated here. Also, you will get a chance to cross the river Nubra before reaching there. You can also enjoy camel rides at Nubra valley. In other words, you must visit this location in order to adequately explore the Ladakh to its fullest.

The best time to visit Nubra Valley is from June to September. So, make sure to book a good online Ladakh tour package according to this time.

Visit Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa is popular for its amazing architectural beauty and soothing atmosphere. It is situated in Leh and popular for panoramic views and excellent nearby areas. This mesmerizing place is always full of calmness, which you must enjoy while you are visiting Leh and Ladakh. This perfect religious place is open throughout the year, and you are free to visit it anytime. Its dome structure is worth seeing.

Hall of Fame [Admire our Soldier’s sacrifices]

If you are visiting Ladakh valley, you must go to the Hall of Fame which is situated in Leh. It is a war museum where you will see various things related to the Indo-Pak war. You will see army weapons on one side of the museum. Whereas in the other part, various sorts of apparel and amenities are a highlight that the army uses during the wars. So, this is a must visiting place in Leh Ladakh and see how amazing this museum is organized to keep the souls of our martyred soldiers alive.

Do River-Rafting

Along with various adventurous sports activities, Ladakh is popular for river-rafting too. At various locations of Ladakh, you can enjoy river-rafting in different rivers. Through your river paths, you will see lots of villages, hills, valleys, and monasteries, which will truly a different experience for you. Phey and Nummo are the most popular places for enjoying river rafting with your friends and families. However, the status of activity will also depend upon the weather conditions. The best time to enjoy river-rafting in Ladakh is between June and August months.

Visit Leh Palace [Explore the royal side of the valley]

This fantastic palace was built by the Kind of Ladakh, Sangee Namgyal in the 17th century. This palace is popular for its amazing location and elegant royal beauty. Because of its attractive structure, it is one of the most visited tourist locations all over the world. Being an old palace, it is still in good condition. There is a museum inside the palace where you can see various showcased items such as jewelry, ornaments, and dresses. The palace is open for visitors from 7 AM to 4 PM.

It is located on Namgyal Hill in Leh, Jammu, and Kashmir. 

Do Spituk Gompa Trek

It is another trek which you can do on your Ladakh trip. Lots of people come from all over the world for this trekking activity. Spituk Gompa is an old and excellent monastery situated at the peak of a massive hill. However, you will have to do a long trek in order to see this monastery. But, the trek will be worth it. This is the reason it is one of the most popular trekking destinations available in Ladakh. You can enjoy this trek at any time of the year. So, along with your Ladakh Tour Package from Mumbai, make sure to add this great activity and get the most out of it.

See Pangong Lake

The sunrise at Pangong lake is magnificent. This crystal clear lake offers an excellent atmosphere at every morning. So, if you are in Ladakh, make sure to visit this lake once in the morning. The sky appears to be blue in color while everything is getting reflected on the water. Most of the lake is located in Tibet, and its depth is about 300 feet. Along with this, amazing hills are protecting it from the one side. So, make sure to add this amazing river trip in your Ladakh plan and make it compete.

Attend Ladakh’s Festivals

Ladakh is the hub of numerous fairs and festivals. So, if you are lucky, you may see any of the popular festivals organized here. You will be able to see traditional clothes, dance styles, and different cultures at these festivals. Also, different types of music will be there to give you a great experience. If you want to catch Ladakh’s festivals, September and February are the best times to go there. Matho Nagrang Festival and Ladakh Harvest festivals are two of the most popular festivals celebrated here. So, if you want to explore Leh-Ladakh to its roots, attending their festivals will be a good thing for you. a


Most frequent questions and answers

Ladakh is popular for its hilly terrain, chilly atmosphere, monasteries, great culture, and adventure sports. It has different things to offer for different types of people.

Thukpa, Saag, Butter tea, kheer, momo, and Chhurpi are some of the most popular foods items in Ladakh.

You can shop for utensils, pashmina shawls, woolen clothes, Kashmiri carpets, stone jewelry, and handicrafts in Ladakh. You can also buy paintings in the markets of Leh and Ladakh.

River-rafting, camping, motorbiking, trekking are some of the most popular adventurous activities for which Ladakh is widely popular.

Yes, if you have any sort of breathing problem, consult with your doctor before visiting Ladakh. Ladakh is located at the height of more than 11,000 feet from the sea level. So, the levels of atmospheric oxygen are less. Keep this thing in your considerations before choosing any Ladakh tour package for you. 

Leh is the nearest airport to Ladakh.

Jammu Tawi railway station is nearest to Ladakh. It is about 712 km away from Ladakh.

Yes. In fact, most travelers prefer to explore this interesting place by visiting their motorbikes.

In most of the cases, a 5 to 10-day trip is enough to cover most of the popular destinations of Ladakh.

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