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Abode to the tallest tower in the world, Dubai is a land of riches. It is the second largest in size and has the largest population among all the seven emirates. This warm city is known for its extravagant architecture, incredible sky touching towers and an array of beautiful tourist attractions. This city amidst the glittering Arabian Desert has totally transformed itself from a barren land to an exquisite location of the world. This man made miracle city resides great accommodations and abundant sports activities to test the adventure in you like skydiving, Reef and wreck diving, kite surfing, wakeboarding and others. The tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa also nestles here.

Best places to visit: Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, Global Village Dubai, the Dubai mall and others.

Best time to visit: November to March


Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities all over the world. Because of its attraction, it is a popular tourist place as well. As per Dubai Tourism, the city welcomed a massive number of 16.73 million visitors in 2019. In fact, the city saw a 5.1 percent hike in the total visitor as compared to the earlier year. The beauty of Dubai attracts people towards it. Also, there are several places that are great to visit along with your loved ones. So, while finding one of the best Dubai tour packages, make sure to visit all the popular places in Dubai. In this article below, we will discuss the best places which you should visit on your Dubai Trip. Let’s reveal all of them one by one.


Dubai is an amazing place to visit at any time of the year. However, this city is best to visit in the winter seasons. A large amount of tourists enters Dubai in the months between November to April. So, if you are searching for the best time to visit this amazing city, choose the winter season.

In the summer season, you can easily visit various temperature controller locations between the heat of the desert’s summer. In other words, you can pick any time of year to enjoy in Dubai.


Burj Khalifa

You might have heard about the Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest building in the world and situated in Dubai. So, when you are in Dubai, do not forget to visit this massive building. Make sure to book a trip to the observation deck, which is available on the 124th floor of the building. It will surely be a great experience for you when you get into the speed-elevators with a 360-degree view. Also, the view from the observation deck is amazing. The Burj Khalifa is the main reason for booking Dubai Holiday packages for some people. So, you should never miss this place on your holiday trip too.

1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Burj Khalifa tour packages
Dubai Museumsc

Dubai Museum

This amazing museum was built in Al-Fahidi Fort in 1787. The reason for the building was to defend Dubai. You can see lots of historical items here. Also, several types of musical instruments are there, including drums, pipes, zurna, lyre, etc. You can easily reach this museum from the nearest bust station (Fahidi bus station) or from Metro station Ghubaiba. You can also do shopping here. Various tailor, ironsmith, carpenters, and textile vendors could be seen here.

Dubai Honeymoon package, this place must be there inside your trip plan.

Al Fahidi Fort, Bur Dubai

Dubai Aquarium

This is another amazing and highly popular tourist place in Dubai. Dubai Aquarium has 140 different species of sea. You can also visit the underwater zoo, which is like a tunnel with a full view of underwater species. It is great to look at the sea closely. This is a great place to spend some refreshing moments with your loved ones. Just add this place in your Dubai trip package or book a ticket there for you. It will surely be a fantastic experience for you. You can also enjoy shark diving and cage snorkeling activities there. Without visiting this place, your Dubai trip will be incomplete.

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Mall

Burj Al-Arab

It is the world’s tallest hotel situated in Dubai; It enhances the glory of the city a lot. With its impressive design and a great reputation, it is one of the highly demanded hotels in Dubai too. Interestingly, it is established on its own artificial island. Night color lighting shows and various other activities make this hotel more popular. Although booking this hotel for your visit will be expensive. But, you can book a trip to the hotel with most of the Dubai local tour packages. This amazing hotel has a mesmerizing glory that attracts everyone’s eyes. Due to this, it becomes a must visiting the place on your Dubai trip.


Jumeirah St – Dubai

Mall of Emirates

It is Dubai’s most famous mall. If you are with your family, a family entertainment center is situated here. Along with this, the Ski Dubai facility makes it must more amazing. For shopping lovers, this hotel is great. Also, you can enjoy various types of foods here. The hotel is full of various charming things. For couples, it is a great place to visit. So, along with your Dubai Tour packages Delhi, it is good to book a visit to this amazing mall. It will surely help you to make your Dubai trip successful.


Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai

Mall of Emirates
The Dubai Fountain Dubai Mal Dubai

The Dubai Fountain

It is another amazing activity which must be enjoyed on your Dubai trip. It is a choreographed fountain set on 30 acres of Burj Khalifa lake. It is situated in the center of Downtown Dubai. The fountain has a massive capacity of throwing 83,000 liters of water at a single time. The viewers get an amazing experience with amazing lightings and music. You can enjoy this activity from 1 PM to 1:30 PM on weekdays. On the weekends, it could be seen from 6 PM to 11 PM. It is a must thing to add in your Dubai tour packages from Amritsar or any other place. So, make sure to visit it.

Address: –

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd -: Dubai Mal Dubai

Dubai Frame

It is a 150-meter high picture frame situated between Dubai’s modern areas. It is one of the top sights available in Dubai. For the people who love to take photos and selfies, it is a must visiting place. The frame is so massive that it could be seen from a far distance. Also, when you come near, it gives an amazing look that will surely let you mesmerized. So, make sure to visit this place on your Dubai trip. It will be good if you add it to your Dubai trip package.

Address: Zabeel Park Jogging Track – Dubai 

Dubai Miracle Garden

It is an amazing flower garden in Dubai, full of colors. You can find lots of flower species here. The garden has a wide area of 2,000 square meters with 100 million flowers. So, when you are on your honeymoon or a family trip, this place is a must-visit for you. It will surely make you mesmerized by its beauty. This garden is known as one of the most popular places in Dubai because of its attractive and soothing atmosphere. A huge area is available to walk across and observe the elegant beauty of various types of flowers. Adding this amazing place in Dubai tour packages from Surat will surely make them successful. So, do not forget this extraordinary garden on your Dubai trip.


Al Barsha South 3 – Dubai

Jumeirah Beach

Do not forget this excellent place on your Dubai trip. The beach is full of glory, along with a soothing view of the sea and white sand. You will see lots of hotels along its length. This beach is named after the name of Jumeirah district, which is a historical district of the country. This beach is great to enjoy your summers with your loved ones in a soothing place. Also, you will be able to enjoy a great view of tall buildings which you will never see at any other place in the world. Because of its white sand, this beach becomes highly popular all over the world.

Kite Beach

Kite beach is another great place to enjoy on your Dubai trip. It is known as the best beach spot in Dubai. It is most suitable when you are here with your family or friends. Lots of amazing things can be enjoyed here. Also, you will have amazing food and other services here. If you are water sports lovers, kite beach is most suitable for you. Lots of fun activities could be enjoyed here. You will also have an amazing and attractive view of Burj al-Arab from this beach. So, do not forget to add this beach trip in your Dubai tour packages from Kerala. You can enjoy parasailing, surfing and different other sorts of activities at this fantastic place.

Alserkal Art District

For the art and architecture lover, this is a great place to visit in Dubai. You will surely get fascinated by its exterior. Also, it is known as one of the top art galleries and museums in Dubai. You can see several amazing things here included various creations of artists. It is a great place to give your trip an amazing touch of tradition and art. So, you must add this place in your Dubai tour packages from India to have maximum fun. Also, visiting this place will allow you to explore new cultures and art forms from different professionals. Choosing this place to visit in Dubai will surely give you an amazing experience which you will never forget in your life.

Address: 17th St – Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari

In the city full of amazing deserts, you should never leave a chance to enjoy the desert safari events. Lots of places are there with these amazing offerings. Also, you can freely pick several packages that will also give you BBQ facilities along with the Desert safari. Choosing a good Dubai tour package provider will also help you to get this thing done on your trip. Also, you will be able to enjoy this activity with your family. If you are without your friends or colleagues, it is a great activity to be enjoyed with your dear ones.

So, enjoy the desert to its fullest and make sure to do this thing once in your lifetime. If you are in Dubai, it is the best chance to do it.


Kidzania is the most suitable place in Dubai when you are with your kids. Your kids will be able to enjoy various activities, including role-playing and other games. Also, everything is well-organized and safe for your kids. Various game rooms are available to let your kids enjoy with other kids. The entry fees are affordable for everyone, including the elders. Your kids will be able to enjoy various things through role-playing activities. So, do not forget to add this visit to your Dubai local tour packages when you are with your families and children.

Address: Level 2, Dubai Mall

Wild Wadi Water Park

It is another great place to enjoy along with your kids. Not only kids, adults, and elders can also enjoy it here. This water park is full of activities which are worth enjoying with your families. Various types of water slides and games are available here for maximum fun. You can also enjoy swimming pools. Artificial waves are also there. In other words, this water park is great for great fun along with your families. Visiting this with your Dubai tour packages from Delhi will facilitate you a lot.

Address: Next to Burj Al-Arab in Jumeirah

Legoland Dubai

It is another amazing family location in Dubai. This place is specially developed for kids between the age of 2 to 12 years. So, when you have your kids along on the trip, do not leave the chance to visit Legoland Dubai. It will surely let them enjoy at the maximum levels. Your kids can enjoy Lego-themed rides and roller coasters. Along with this, lego rafts and water games are also available here. So, to make your kids feel happy, you must take them to this amazing place for sure. The entry prices are easily affordable. If we look at the offerings, you can easily tolerate the prices for each activity.

Address: Dubai Parks and Resorts, Dubai



Some popular things to do in Dubai if you want to get the most out of your trip. Without enjoying these activities, your Dubai trip will be incomplete.

      • Do a Skydive above the palm Jumeirah
      • Dubai Desert Safari along with BBQ dinner
      • Visit Ski Dubai Snow park
      • Enjoy in hot air balloon Dubai
      • Visit I M G World of Adventure
      • Visit Warner Bros Abu Dhabi
      • Visit Dubai Garden Glow


Dubai is popular for its various amazing food dishes too. Some must-have food dishes in Dubai are as follows. Having these meals will surely add some more memories on your Dubai trip.

      • Hummus
      • Labneh
      • Fattoush
      • Shawarma
      • Falafel
      • Mankish
      • Alinzik Kebap at Gunaydin
      • Baked Cheesecake at Milk & Honey Cafe


Most frequent questions and answers

The requirement of a VISA depends on your nationality. For visitors from some countries such as Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc., it is not required to have a VISA. Remaining countries, including India, USA, UK, Australia, it is required to have a valid VISA to enter Dubai.

You can not drive after getting drunk. Also, alcohol consumption is not allowed in public places, whereas you can enjoy drinking in licensed bars, hotels, and clubs.

The currency of Dubai is Dirham (AED). You can easily exchange your money from the available KIOSKS. But, it is always suggested to get your money converted in the home country.

It is required to read all the rules and guidelines of the country for travelers. Also, hiring a professional travel planning firm will also be helpful for you.

You will have to submit a valid photocopy of your Passport and VISA to the available DU or Etisalat offices. After doing this, you can get a valid mobile connection in Dubai.

The laws and regulations of this city are strict, and the punishments are hard. Even after this, Dubai is known as one of the most traveler-friendly places in the world.

If we look at the glory of Dubai city, it has various other places always ready for the visitor. But, these were the most rated and highly popular places in Dubai. So, when it comes to a successful trip, we can say that this city is best for all types of visitors. We hope you will find it easy to pick the most suitable places to visit in Dubai with the help of this article. However, the quality of results will depend upon the travel services provider firm you are choosing. We wish you a happy Dubai Trip!

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