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Destination: Assam

Assam is an untouched beauty of nature that is renowned in the world for its rich biodiversity. The floating clouds reflect the light on the mountains thus originating it’s another name, the land of blue hills. This place shares its international borders with Bangladesh and Bhutan. Acres of tea plantations and wild forests make this destination all lush green. This beautiful land is a gateway that takes one onto the journey of sighting the unexploited beauty of the north-eastern part of India. Dibrugardh that is known as the tea city of India is also the part of Assam. Assam also resides an extremely ancient pilgrimage centre named Hajo that is of great importance in three different religions. Numerous churches, mosques, and Temples can also be spotted in this diverse land.

Best places to visit: Kaziranga National Park, Guwahati, Manas National Park, Majuli River and Monastery, Hajo, Sivasagar and others.

Best time to visit: October to April

Assam Tours

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10 Adventurous Tours you must do on your Assam trip

Assam is situated in the north-east region of India. Popular for its tea gardens, silk, tigers, and various other things near to nature, this state is great to enjoy adventurous activities with your friends and family members. If you want to explore nature from near, Assam is a great place to explore in India. It is highly beautiful, yet it is highly underrated. But, now, travelers from all over the world are coming here and enjoy numerous excellent locations. For the people who love doing adventurous things, Assam has some excellent offerings for them.

From rock climbing, river-rafting, and various other excellent things, you will be able to have great fun at this amazing state. So, let’s uncover some amazing tours which you can pick for yourself and have a lot of fun. Also, we suggest you pick the right Assam tour package for you, which can cover all these activities inside it.

Rock Climbing at State Zoo

At the popular state Zoo of Assam in Ambikagiri Nagar Path, Guwahati, you can not only see various animals by enjoying rock climbing activities too. Most of the people choose guided climbing activities, but you can get permissions and do it by yourself if you are experienced. However, this place is great to test your capabilities and do everything along with nature’s amazing sceneries. Along with rock climbing, you will be able to enjoy various sightseeing activities there.


Make sure to have all the required accessories along with you when you start your rock climbing activity. Along with the required medications, climbing shoes, water bottles, towels, etc., you are advised to have proper arrangements before starting your activity. Choose the right Assam tour package to make this activity much more facilitating for you.

Water Rappelling At Amsoi

If you are a fan of Water rappelling, you must visit Amsoi to enjoy this amazing experience. Water rappelling is not so much popular in India, but Assam has lots of places where you can enjoy this activity. Amsoi is one of the best places to have great fun with your loved one. Through a solid waterfall, you will be able to have soothing splashes of water on your body. This activity is becoming widely popular as people now know how amazing this activity is when we do it properly.

Well organized water rappelling tours can be organized at Amsoi. However, you can choose a good travel agency to book a good Assam tour package from Kolkata or any other popular place in India.


Reaching Amsoi using any available transportation method is easy. But, make sure to have proper assets with you, including ropes, shoes, medications, safety gear, etc. Arranging your own food with you will be a good choice.

River Rafting at Bogamati

Assam is highly popular for its river rafting activities. So, if you are in this state, you shouldn’t forget to enjoy this amazing experience with your friends and families. The white water rafting at Bogamati starts at around 8 AM every morning. You can do this activity until 2 AM. However, the timings may also vary according to weather situations. So, explore the amazing beauty of this location while going through the water on your separate boat. You will be given safety gear, but handling your boat in a proper manner is crucial for your safety.


Make sure to have good safety arrangements with you, such as a towel, waterproof bag, extra clothes, camera, and comfortable set of shoes. Also, do not carry any jewelry or other valuable items with you. Also, the consumption of alcohol should also be avoided before doing river rafting. Choose a good agency to book Online Assam tour package and make everything easy and effective for you.

A day out at Amchang Wildlife

At Amchang Wildlife sanctuary situated in Guwahati, you can enjoy a whole day doing different adventurous things. Along with camping, trekking, and rock climbing, you can also do water rappelling here. This location is well-rated by travelers from all over the world. However, in order to make your trip successful, you can enjoy it here properly without hassles. So, having a massive adrenaline rush inside your body, make sure to experience all the popular activities for which this place is widely popular. As per your choice, you can pick your desired activity and book tickets online or offline.


Make sure to enjoy the zip-linking activity at Amachang Wildlife. Also, having proper safety gear with you is crucial. You must carry comfortable footwear, water bottle, basic medications with you. Also, book tickets earlier to stay away from any sort of problems after you are ready to explore this place. You can easily pick one of the best online Assam tour packages and enjoy a lot without any problems.

Forest Trek at Nameri National Park

If you love trekking, Assam is the best place to make your heart fulfilled with various excellent activities. But, Nameri national park is highly popular among the trekkers from all over the world. You can arrange your stay in Eco camp tents. Also, Jia Bharoli cottages are also open for trekker’s stays. You will go through deep forests by exploring their beauties. So, get your backpacks ready with important things and enjoy this excellent trek with your friends. It will surely be a memorable trek for you because of its amazing beauty and great sights along the way.

You can also enjoy river rafting and fishing in the Bhoroli river while doing this trek. Also, various occasions will be there when you can do birdwatching.

Organize your trek properly by adding at least 3 -days to it. For your own stay, you must carry tents with you. Also, make good arrangements for food and other important items. You may have to buy tickets if you are a foreign traveler.

Adventurous activities at Basitha Reserve Forest

Basitha Reserve forest is another great place to enjoy various adventurous activities with your friends and families. In Garbhanga Forests and Basitha Waterfalls, you can spend a couple of days exploring various amazing things near to nature. For rock-climbing, trekking, and camping activities, this place is highly recognized by all the visitors. So, when it comes to having great fun at a beautiful location in Assam, you should add the Basitha Reserver forest in your list of travel locations. Water rappelling activities are also available for visitors.


Make sure to have comfortable footwear, water bottle, food, basic medications, and other important items with you when you visit this place. Also, you can get the expert support by choosing a good agency and book online Assam tour packages from Delhi. This activity will surely allow you to capture thrilling memories during your trip to this excellent state of India.

Explore the Lake Charan Beel

Lake Charan Beel is situated in Guwahati and popular for various sorts of activities like fishing, boating, etc. Also, you can do Kayaking and canoeing here. So, if you are looking for a perfect adventurous location to have fun with your loved ones, you should add Lake Charan beel into your list. You can either spend some days doing camping here or enjoy a one day trip by covering most of the popular activities. Make sure to pay forest fees before doing any of the activities here. Also, having important items with you will be a good thing for you. Littering the lake is strictly prohibited, and you shouldn’t exploit nature in any medium.


Make sure to have proper safety gear before indulging in any adventurous activity at Lake Charan Bell. Have extra clothes, comfortable shoes, camera, and other important items to make everything safe and exciting for you. Choose a good agency to book the Assam tour package from Mumbai and add various other thrilling activities on your trip like this.

Kaziranga National Park

It is a world-popular national park popular for its amazing beauty and various species of animals and birds. So, if you are on a hunt of most adventurous places in Assam, this park must be in your list of top locations. This national park offers lots of things to enjoy. Some of those amazing activities are jeep safari and Elephant safari. Also, during your visit, you will be able to see various sorts of animals, such as Rhinos, elephants, tigers, deers, hogs, etc. So, if you are a nature and animal lover, make sure to visit this location on your Assam Trip. It will be worth your time and money.

You are advised to take care of your assets while visiting this national park. Also, do not try to visit prohibited places. Jeep Safari Pricing: 1500-2000 INR Elephant Safari Pricing: 250 INR per Indian and 750 INR per foreign traveler Timings: 24 Hours

Hang Gliding in Guwahati

Assam is popular for amazing paragliding and hang-gliding activities. You can visit various locations where these things can easily be enjoyed. Around the Kamakhya hills and Kaziranga forest, you can enjoy hang gliding activities and have maximum fun while exploring this state. Along with various other sports, this place is best to learn paragliding, parasailing, and hang gliding under the guidance of professionals. However, to enjoy adventurous activities, you can book affordable tickets online or offline as per your choice.  Also, pick the right agency to book Assam tour packages online from anywhere in the world. It will be a good decision to enjoy a great travel experience here.


You are advised to book tickets from authorized platforms or from their official ticket centers. Whatever activity you are choosing here, make sure to follow all the guidelines, and keep everything safe and memorable for you.

Explore Karbi and Cachar Hills

Karbi and Cachar both are amazing mountain ranges popular among the trekkers and campers. So, whether you are an experienced trekker or going for a trek for the first time, these hills are suitable for everyone. However, make sure to plan your trip during the months between April to October. You can also enjoy mountain climbing, cycling, and camping. So, if you are looking for a perfect escape plan near to nature, you must explore the Karbi and Cachar hills of Guwahati in Assam. Both foreign and local travelers come here and enjoy soothing sceneries and the lap of nature.


You can easily choose any of the popular travel agencies which will organize the trekking events for you by covering various things inside it such as food, conveyance, etc. But, if you are doing it on your own, make sure to have proper arrangements for food, tents, medications, and safety. We hope you will be able to find the right adventurous activity for you on your Assam trip. The words are not enough to describe everything in brief. So, plan your trip to Assam now and explore its elegant beauty.

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