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A Complete Malaysia Travel Guide:

Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist locations in the world that welcomes millions of tourists every year. As per the official resources, the country has recorded about a three percent increase in the number of tourists in 2019 as compared to 2018. The country is widely popular for its coastal tourism, islands, beaches, seafood, and numerous other amazing things. However, you will find lots of other great things which will surely suit you if you love adventures, nature, or parties. So, while you are booking your Malaysia tour packages, make sure to pick the right time frame for your trip and choose the places that can suit you the best.

Which is the best time to visit Malaysia?

Malaysia sees two peak tourist seasons. The first one is from December till the end of January and the second one is from June to August. However, as per your preference, you can pick any specific time frame for your trip. You are going to have great fun regardless of the season you are picking for your trip. Make sure to consider the main festivals of the country and seasonal offerings and pick the dates that suit you better.

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Best Places to visit in Malaysia

Malaysia is full of numerous impressive locations that you can visit with your dear ones. However, choosing the right place is never an easy task. So, when it comes to finding the right places for your Malaysia trip, you can do a brief research on the internet very easily. Also, you can connect with a good tour agency for Malaysia tour packages from Delhi. Also, let’s know about some of the most popular places which you should add to your Malaysia trip.


Penang is always considered as one of the best tourist locations to visit in Malaysia. The place is located on the northwest side of the country. It is full of natural beauty, museums, forts, and different other exciting things. The places are so popular that lots of people come to Malaysia only to visit Penang. Waterfront village and Burmese temple make this location much more effective for travelers. However, it is not only about the things to explore, but Penang is full of natural beauty, which you will like here for sure.

Some major attractions of Penang are Rainbow Skywalk, Wonderfood museum, Waterfront village, and the street of harmony. So, when you are visiting this place, make sure to cover all the popular attractions. Along with this, make sure to choose the best company for your Malaysia tour packages from India and receive great results.

Langkawi Island

This island is popular for its sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and excellent beauty that attracts lots of travelers. You can also visit the Langkawi Geopark here, which is UNESCO’s world heritage site. You will be able to enjoy a lot at the amazing beaches available on this island. However, when it comes to relaxing, you can freely spend excellent moments of comfort and joy here. In other words, this place is great to visit, along with your families, kids, and friends. If you love to enjoy the beaches, this place is surely the best one for you in Malaysia.

To have the most out of this beach, you can go there in the mornings and evenings. Along with your loved ones, it is definitely the most amazing place to enjoy in Malaysia. You will have to pay ticket prices of 15 to 20 INR per head for one hour trip. Choosing a good tour agency for your Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai will surely help you to get everything done perfectly.

Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is known as the hiker’s paradise in Malaysia. It is an amazing sight that must be explored on your Malaysia trip. The place is great if you love to do photography, trekking, or camping. Mount Kinabalu is located in the west coast division of Malaysia. Visiting this mountain range will offer you a lot of fun and excitement. You can also enjoy zip-line activity here, which will give you high-speed rides from one place to another.

You will be able to enjoy various other things here at this excellent natural location in Malaysia. No entry fees are there for anyone. So, just go there and spend some awesome moments near to nature.

Sipadan Island

If you love diving into the seas, this island is probably the best place for you in Malaysia. The beautiful Sipadan Island is popular for its rare fauna and various other amazing things. However, the government has declared this place as a protected reserve since 2002. So, when it comes to exploring its beauty, you will have to get legal permission from the concerning authorities. Known as one of the popular tourist locations in Malaysia, this island has a lot to offer to its tourists. But, if you want to go there and enjoy diving, make sure to connect with a good online Malaysia tour company that can organize a trip for you.

However, if you want to do it by yourself, you can do that. Whatever way you choose, do not forget these amazing places when you are on your Malaysia trip with your families or friends.

Melaka City

Melaka is a popular ancient city full of excellent things for art and architecture lovers. Also, this city is in the UNESCO heritage sites. The city is just 2 km away from Kuala Lumpur, but once you reach there, you will surely get fascinated by its beauty. You can click excellent photos here by getting the most out of its culture and natural attraction. To know more about Chinese-Malays history, you can visit the Nyonya heritage museum and baba museum located here. In other words, this city must be at the top of your preferred tourist attractions in Malaysia.

Reaching here is pretty easy by picking any of the available public transportation mediums. Also, you can choose a good online Malaysia tour package, which may include this trip to your travel plan for you. To visit these two popular museums in Melaka city, you will have to buy tickets for 130 to 150 INR if you are an adult. Also, make sure to visit the local shops and restaurants to have maximum enjoyment.

Cameron Highlands

It is another attractive tourist place full of natural beauty and adventure. It is a popular hilly location situated in Malaysia. It is one of the oldest tourist spots in Malaysia and now inhabited by a diverse group of people. You will be able to explore amazing tea estate, waterfalls, strawberry farms, and, last but not least, a soothing atmosphere. The weather is always pleasant here, which makes this location best for travelers. So, if you are looking to have fun in an adventurous and calm location in Malaysia, you should visit Cameron highland with your loved ones.

Cameron highland is located in Pahang, Malaysia. To enter this place, you will have to buy tickets for about 350 to 400 INR. Also, when it comes to reaching, you can easily pick any public transport from most of the cities in Malaysia. Also, make sure to find the right agency to book your Malaysia tour packages to get the best results for you.

Aquaria KKC

If you want to explore the mesmerizing marine life of Malaysia, you must go to the Aquaria KKC, which is the largest aquarium in the world. This aquarium is perfectly organized to offer an amazing experience to the visitors. So, you will be able to see various sorts of water creatures from near. Some most popular attractions of this place are tiger sharks, seahorses, coral fishes, and numerous other types of fishes. Visiting this aquarium will surely be a great experience which you will never forget to live long. So, you should not miss this place if you are in Malaysia on a trip. Most Malaysia travel companies will offer you special trip plans for this location. 

So, choose the right plan for you and have the most out of your trip. However, if you want to visit this place, you will have to buy an INR 1200 ticket for adults and INR 1000 for kids.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

It is an extensive bird park located in Kuala Lumpur and a home to different species of birds. The park is full of a soothing environment that is suitable for the birds. Also, you are going to have a great experience while exploring this place. You will see different types of birds if you are planning a day-long trip here. The park is distributed in four different zones, and each zone is arranged in a different manner to offer a suitable environment for each bird species.

It is one of the major attractions in Kuala Lumpur, so you can easily book online tickets by connecting with a good company for your Malaysia tour packages. Some popular bird species are Parrots, Hornbills, and flamingo. Bird galleries, egg incubation areas are also there. The entry ticket for adults is for INR 850 and INR 700 for kids.

Semengohh Nature Reserve

It is another popular tourist location in Malaysia popular for its excellent offerings for nature lovers. This nature park offers great care to various animal species that are residing here. Also, it is open for the tourists, so you have a good chance to see different unique types of animals and capture some photos in your camera. More than 9000 different species of animals and birds are there in this nature park. This reserve is located in Sarawak, and reaching here from any popular location of Malaysia is pretty easy. 

With a good online Malaysia travel package company, you can arrange a well-arranged trip for you to explore this reserve. However, it is pretty easy to reach there are enter this park on the go. The entry fees are INR 170 to 200 for adults and INR 80 to 100 for kids.

Petronas Twin Towers

If you know even a very little about Malaysia, you have probably heard about its twin towers. Fortunately, these towers are opened for tourists, and you can also visit them if you want. The towers are occupied by lots of big industries such as Al Jazeera English, Microsoft, IBM, Boeing, etc. But, lots of other things are there which will surely fascinate you in these buildings. The Science center, retail center, and aquarium are situated here. Along with this, you can also go through the sky bridge that connects both of these towers in the sky.

With a good online Malaysia tour package, you can easily book tickets for you. Also, the price for an adult ticket is INR 400, and for a kids ticket, you will have to pay INR 560. Also, reaching here is pretty easy by taking any suitable public transport. 

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