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Sunbathe on the silky blonde beaches of Goa on sunny days

Sunbathe on the silky blonde beaches of Goa on sunny days

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A state which is well known as the smallest states in India, Goa has been alluring its tourists with its breathtaking beaches, scrumptious food and Portuguese heritage. Lying on the west coast, its coastline stretches for over 100 kilometers. Beautiful architecture from the colonial era boasts the former Portuguese colony, Goa.

The international airport nested in the capital city of Goa, Panjim connects it with the rest of the world. Not only the airways promote its tourism, but the roadways and the railways also stretch its connectivity from north to south part of Goa. Marvelous restaurants and hotels pave way for the accommodation of millions of visitors.  The glamorous nightlife of Goa is also an extravagant part of the tourism here.

Being an important part of India, Goa completely follows its tradition of celebrating many festivals throughout the year. The friendly nature of the people of Goa makes it a great hotspot of tourism. Adding on to the array of all the above features, its seafood, trendy bars, elegant cafes, and beach shacks enhance its magnetic power for tourists a lot. So, without any delays get your tour packages for Goa booked in advance and travel stress-free.

Subdivisions of Goa

  • The capital of Goa, Panaji, is the headquarters of North Goa.
  • Heading towards South Goa, Margao takes the responsibility as its headquarters.
  • Major cities that lead to Goa are Panaji, Margao, Vasco, Mapusa, Ponda and Valpoi.

Religious facts

Goa was formerly a Portuguese empire. It ruled there for about 450 years. But there was a large scale migration of Goan Catholics after the economic decline of Portuguese. So a large population of people found here is Catholics. Choose from the number of tour packages for Goa available and head on to this adventurous vacation.

Places to visit in Goa

Goa is the best place for all those who love to party at their reminiscent occasions. Destination weddings are nowadays becoming very common in Goa.

  • Bars: Nightlife of Goa has brought it on the 6th rank in the top 10 nightlife cities in the world in national geographical travel. Chronicle, Mambos, and Sinq are notable nightclubs in Goa taking the tourism of Goa to another level.
  • Water Sports: Another biggest point of attraction in Goa is water sports. People rush to take the experience of jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, water scooter rides and many more. These water sports make the experience of tourism an unforgettable one.
  • Beaches: Beaches like Baga and Calangute are most popular to call tourists from all over the world. Not only beaches but churches and temples also make it a religious hub.

Best time to visit Goa

The months from November to March takes the maximum number of tourist for the Christmas and New Year celebration.  Apart from the end of the year festive season, smartness of people can also be seen in off seasons when they take the golden experience of their summer vacations along with an advantage of cheaper expenditure.

People love to be a part of a tropical beauty that enchants every traveler with spectacular beaches and dynamic nightlife. Whenever one wishes to enjoy the adventure and tranquility for which Goa is famous for, that it proves to be the best time to visit Goa. So, book your tour packages for Goa in advance and enjoy your heart out on this vacation.

Giving a highlight, seasons to visit Goa can be brief as:

  1. Peak Season: October to March brings a maximum gathering of national as well as international tourists.
  2. OFF season: May to September is a lucrative option to visit Goa if you cut to splurging on a vacation and enjoy the added advantage of heavy discounts in premium resorts plus the lack of crowd.
  3. Rainy season: Those who love to make their vacations adventurous should plan their vacations in Goa in the rainy season as the rivers reach their zenith during the period of June to September.
  4. The season for water sports: This is the time when the skies here are cloudless and blue and offers the best time to visit Goa for getting a charge out of adventure water sports in Goa, i.e. from October to May.

How to reach Goa

Goa international airport is a naval airfield located at Dabolim near Vasco Da Gama often shortened to Vasco which caters to scheduled domestic and international air services. Goa has four national highways passing through it. It deals with public transport in the form of privately operated buses linking the major towns to rural areas. Two rail line run along Goa. One run by the southwestern railway and the other give its services by the Konkan railway.

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